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                     Ft. Sheridan Group, LLC The Road to Aligning IT with the Business Strategy             


Clients must address Cybersecurity from two perspectives.


1 - How do we protect our data assets from malware intrusions and avoid business disruption?

FSG has partnered with Acadia Leadership Partners, Inc. www.acadialps.com to bring leading-edge tools to harden your IT environment: 

- CYOLO is a Zero Trust tool that increases access control to eliminate unauthorized network access.

- GRIP is a tool for securing access to your cloud environment insuring that only authorized users are accessing your systems.

2 - How do we recover our data after a Ransomware attack and avoid a lengthy business disruption?

Clients have two available options in the event of a Ransomware attack. One is to pay the ransom and hope that the data that is returned has not been infected with malware that will strike at a later time. The second is to invest in a Blockchain Archive System that provides assurance that they can be up and running shortly after a Ransomware attack with clean data and avoid a major disruption to their business. This is risk avoidance.

FSG has partnered with Acadia Leadership Partners  acadialps.com to provide a Blockchain Archiving System named Sollensys that has proven to be an effective data recovery solution in the event of a Ransomware attack. Data is restored in its original state and payments of ransomware are avoided.



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