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                     Ft. Sheridan Group, LLC The Road to Aligning IT with the Business Strategy             


Clients must address Cybersecurity from two perspectives.

1 - How do we protect our data assets from malware intrusions?

This is critically important during our new work-from-home operating models. Employees need to be trained and made aware to be vigilant in not opening messages and attachments that will open the door to bad actors who roam the Dark Web. Periodic penetration testing and mock phishing exercises further reinforces the cyber protection messages to employees. Other members of the supply chain such as customers and vendors should also participate in these exercises. This is risk mitigation.

FSG has partnered with Halock Security Labs who has deep experience in helping clients take preventve measures to address Cybersecurity matters.

2 - How do we recover our data after a Ransomware attack?

Ransomware gangs know that many businesses would rather hide a ransomware attack than make it public, including to employees, for fear of the news affecting stock prices and their reputation. Clients have two available options in the event of a Ransomware attack. One is to pay the ransom and hope that the data that is returned has not been infected with additoinal malware that will strike at a later time. The second is to invest in a Blockchain Archive System that provides assurance that they can be up and running shortly after a Ransomware attack with clean data and avoid a major disruption to their business. This is risk avoidance.

FSG has partnered with Acadia Leadership Partners  acadialps.com to provide a Blockchain Archiving System named Sollensys that has proven to be an effective data recovery solution in the event of a Ransomware attack.



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